Thursday, 3 September 2015

MAN 3rd September 2015 - Kabo Air B747-400 5N-RDK departs.

Kabo Air B747-400 5N-RDK finally departed at lunchtime, sadly after the sun had disappeared behind a very large dark cloud ....!!

MAN 1st September 2015 - Kabo Air B747-400 5N-RDK

Having been re-registered during the day, B747-400 VQ-BHW was now wearing the new Nigerian numbers 5N-RDK

MAN 1st September 2015 - Antonov Airlines An124 UR-82073

Parked up in the evening after arriving to pick up some fire engines, An124 UR-82073 was the first of its type to visit Manchester in the new Antonov Airlines colour scheme.

Friday, 21 August 2015

MAN 20th August 2015 - Aurigny Emb.195 G-NSEY

Substituting for the usual ATR72, Aurigny Embraer E195 G-NSEY was making its first visit to Manchester late evening, 

MAN 20th August 2015 - Kabo Air B747-400 VQ-BHW

Having been rolled out of Air Livery earlier in the day, B747-400 VQ-BHW still has the basic Transaero livery but now wears Kabo Air (Nigeria) titles and logos.

MAN 20th August 2015 - Saudia Cargo B747-400F TF-AMN

Operating another cargo charter, Saudia Cargo used Air Atlanta B747-400F TF-AMN for the first time here at Manchester.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

MAN 18th August 2015 - Danish Air Transport A320 OY-LHD

Having arrived earlier in the day on its first visit to MAN and carrying Club Brugge fans for their Champions League game against Man United, Danish Air Transport A320 OY-LHD remained parked up for the evening before departing back to Belgium in the early hours.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

MAN 16th August 2015 - FlyVista A320 SX-BDS operating for Iraqi Airways.

Departing 23 Right just after 08.30 this morning (an hour and a half later than scheduled) FlyVista A320 SX-BDS was on its first visit to Manchester while operating for Iraqi Airways after they were banned from Europe.

Friday, 7 August 2015

MAN 7th August 2015 - Transaero B747-400 VQ-BHW

Arriving in the early hours of this morning on its first visit to Manchester, Transaero B747-400 VQ-BHW was fresh from a long maintenance visit to Melbourne Florida (USA).
The aircraft is here for painting by Air Livery.

Friday, 31 July 2015

1st July 2015 - A day trip to Heathrow

A trip south to London Heathrow on the hottest day of the year (temperatures reaching 36C!) saw a few nice subjects finally being caught by my camera.

The following were my highlights of our time there.

With nothing much of interest showing for the late afternoon we made our way home via Luton allowing us to catch the departure of the La Compagnie 757-200 F-HCIE.

A great day out with many nice photos and another 64 numbers added to the log book!