Wednesday, 20 September 2023

MAN 19th September 2023 - HiFly Malta A340-300 9H-TQZ

 Arriving mid morning in some pretty awful weather, HiFly Malta A340-300 9H-TQZ was visiting to take Manchester United over to Germany to play Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

MAN 17th September 2023 - Omni Air International B767-200 N234AX

 Making its first visit to Manchester whilst operating the Air Canada Toronto service, Omni Air International B767-200 N234AX was a nice change from the usual -300 N378AX.

MAN 1st September 2023 - Air Anka A330-300 TC-NYA

 Operating for Pegasus Airlines on their scheduled Istanbul service, Air Anka A330-300 TC-NYA was making the latter airline's Manchester debut. Sadly (as is pretty usual) the sun couldn't hold out for the side on shot!

Wednesday, 16 August 2023

MAN 14th August 2023 - Danish Air Transport ATR72 OY-RUV

 Arriving on its first visit to MAN on a very dull and wet evening, Danish Air Transport ATR72 OY-RUV was operating an Aberdeen flight for Loganair and wears this special scheme promoting a Danish Handball team.

Thursday, 10 August 2023

MAN 10th August 2023 - Egyptair B737-800 SU-GEH

 Only just catching a bit of sun on final to 23R early afternoon, Egyptair's B737-800 SU-GEH wears this "75th Anniversary" tail scheme.

Arriving shortly before it, Qatar Airways B777-300 A7-BAF wearing the special "OneWorld scheme

MAN 10th August 2023 - Air Transat A321 Neo C-GOJC

 Arriving early afternoon from Toronto, Air Transat's A321 Neo C-GOJC wears this "Pride" variation of their tail scheme.

MAN 10th August 2023 - Air Baltic A220-300 YL-ABN

 Air Baltic A220-300 YL-ABN arriving at MAN on a lovely sunny morning operating for Swiss, this aircraft wears the special "Latvia" scheme.

MAN 6th August 2023 - Etihad "Mission Impossible" B787-9 A6-BLO

 Etihad B787-9 A6-BLO departing to Abu Dhabi this morning wearing the special "Mission Impossible" scheme.

Tuesday, 1 August 2023

MAN 29th July 2023 - Sun Express B737-800 TC-SPE

 Sun Express B737-800 TC-SPE finally made its first appearance since gaining this "Paw Patrol" special scheme on the 29th July, seen here vacating 23R early evening in some pretty awful weather,

and again taxiing for departure an hour and a half later just as the sun was disappearing for the day.

Tuesday, 25 July 2023

MAN 25th July 2023 - Omni Air International B767-300 N378AX

 Having finally managed to coordinate a day off, some half decent weather and the operating days of the flight - today saw me eventually able to catch Omni Air International B767-300 N378AX that is currently operating the Air Canada service at MAN ..... sadly (inevitably) the sun didn't hold out for the side on shot but at least I got something!!