Wednesday 5 June 2024

MAN 5th June 2024 - HiSky Europe A330-200 YR-KID departs.

 HiSky Europe A330-200 YR-KID finally departed MAN this morning, albeit two hours late, following its almost two month stay with STS. Luckily the sun shone at the right time!

Tuesday 4 June 2024

MAN 4th June 2024 - Vueling A320 EC-MER

 About to land at Manchester in the late evening sunshine, Vueling A320 EC-MER wears a special scheme for the Barcelona FC Women's team.

MAN 2nd June 2024 - Turkish Airlines A350-900 TC-LGH

 Short final for 23R mid afternoon on its first visit to Manchester, Turkish A350-900 TC-LGH wears this special titling for being the 400th aircraft in the fleet.

Friday 10 May 2024

MAN 10th May 2024 - Brussels Airlines A330-300 OO-SFF

 Arriving on its first visit to Manchester in some nice evening sunshine, Brussels Airlines A330-300 OO-SFF was here for maintenance with STS.

MAN 10th May 2024 - Vueling A320 EC-MER

 Making its first visit since acquiring the new "Barcelona FC" special scheme, Vueling A320 EC-MER is seen here on final for 23R.

MAN 9th May 2024 - Corendon Europe B737-800 9H-CXG

 Finally making an appearance at MAN after a couple of years of wearing this special "Hull City FC" scheme, Corendon Europe B737-800 9H-CXG is seen here taxiing to stand early morning.

Tuesday 7 May 2024

MAN 6th May 2024 - Brussels Airlines A320 Neo OO-SBB

 Making its first visit to Manchester on the mid morning service, Brussels Airlines A320 Neo OO-SBB wears this stunning "Tomorrowland" colour scheme.

Tuesday 23 April 2024

MAN 20th April 2024 - Aer Lingus "Rugby" A320 EI-DEG

 A lovely sunny morning at Manchester greeted Aer Lingus' new version of their Rugby special scheme which is worn on A320 EI-DEG, seen here on final for 23R

Monday 15 April 2024

MAN 14th April 2024 - HiSky A330-200 YR-KID

 Pretty much the first decent "new" visitor since way back in January, HiSky Europe A330-200 YR-KID arrived at Manchester just before 7pm on a dull evening. The aircraft was here for attention at STS.

Saturday 6 April 2024

MAN 31st March 2024 - Sun Express B737-800 TC-SPM

 Finally making an appearance at MAN since acquiring its new Eintracht Frankfurt livery, Sun Express B737-800 TC-SPM is seen here vacating 05R on a very dull and dreary afternoon.