Thursday, 30 August 2012

MAN 30th August 2012 - SAS "Denmark 2012" MD87

On one of its last days in service (the MD87 is to be retired from service at SAS in September), MD87 OY-KHU wearing the "Denmark 2012" scheme for the EURO 2012 finals made what is probably its last visit to MAN with the sun shining on it too !!

Monday, 20 August 2012

MAN 18th August 2012 - Freebird's TC-FBO and Nouvelair's TS-INH

Saturday evening saw a pair of A320's making their second visits to MAN,
Freebird's TC-FBO (with its first appearance in daylight)........

......and Nouvelair's TS-INH after dark.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

MAN 14th August 2012 - A330 G-VINE arrives for painting.

Virgin Atlantic A330 G-VINE arrived from London Gatwick at 6pm,
it was all white without any titles or logos and is visiting for painting in to Virgin colours at Air Livery.
The a/c has been on lease to Ryan International (of the USA) since new as N771RD and this was how it looked in May 2012 when I saw it in Sanford, Orlando.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

MAN 11th August 2012 - Freebird's TC-FBO

A good evening for A320's, after the BH Air and the Air Malta earlier on,
Freebird's TC-FBO made its first visit to MAN after dark on a charter flight.

MAN 11th August 2012 - BH Air's newest A320 and Air Malta's "OLT" A320

BH Air sent in their new A320 LZ-BHG which has only just joined the fleet,
unfortunately it was wearing an all white scheme without titles !!

This was followed by Air Malta's A320 9H-AEF which has just been returned to their fleet following the collapse of OLT Express, the a/c still wears the OLT scheme but without titles.

Friday, 10 August 2012

MAN 9th August 2012 - Flight Calibration PA31 G-FNAV

Parked up on the west apron in the evening, making its first visit to MAN,
this Piper PA31, G-FNAV was here for calibration work on the ILS System.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

MAN 9th August 2012 - Titan's new 757 G-POWH visits.

Titan's newest fleet member, 757-200 G-POWH made its first visit to MAN this morning when it returned Manchester United back from their match against FC Barcelona in Gothenburg.
It departed again in the early hours shrouded in fog !!

MAN 8th August 2012 - Antonov Design Bureau An124 UR-82072 arrives.

Arriving in the evening sun, this was the second An124 to visit in two weeks.....
the aircraft was night stopping before continuing its journey the next day.

MAN 8th August 2012 - Swiftair MD83 and Air Italy 737-800

This evening saw two sub-chartered aircraft in the evening sun, Swiftair MD83 EC-KCX was here to operate for Thomas Cook while Air Italy 737-800 EI-EOJ was here for Jet2.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

MAN 7th August 2012 - Swiftair MD83 and Mistral Air 737-300

Early afternoon saw Swiftair MD83 EC-KCX arrive to operate a sub-charter for Thomas Cook,

And Mistral Air 737-300 EI-DUS making a first visit, operating a student charter.

Monday, 6 August 2012

MAN 6th August 2012 - Eurolot Dash8 on delivery

The third Eurolot Dash8-400 to be delivered through Manchester arrived this afternoon,
C-GNHD which will become SP-EQD.

MAN 6th August 2012 - Smart Lynx operate for Thomas Cook.

On approach to 23 Right on a very dull and grey morning, Smart Lynx A320 YL-LCD was arriving to operate a flight for Thomas Cook. This is the first time we have seen the full Smart Lynx scheme here in Manchester.

MAN 5th August 2012 - Moldavian, Air Nostrum, Korean Air and the Gabon Government.

A nice variety early evening,
the returning Carpatair charter was operated by their Moldavian titled Fokker100 YR-FZA,

Air Nostrum had operated a charter from and to Palma with CRJ200 EC-JEN,

The last of the Korean Air Cargo freight flights departed with the R.O.K.A.F. T-50's

And the sun (very briefly) shone on the Gabon Government 777-200 TR-KPR before it departed late evening !!

MAN 4th August 2012 - "Firefly" & a "Voyager"

British Airways A319 G-EUPC in the "Firefly" scheme operated the late evening Heathrow departure, a very clear sky meant that it was still too light for a true night shot ..... this was taken at 21.50 !!

And calling in very late evening was Royal Air Force A330 "Voyager" ZZ330,
dropping off passengers before departing back home to Brize Norton.

Friday, 3 August 2012

MAN 3rd August 2012 - Gainjet 737-300 SX-VIP

Arriving around 03.30 this morning on its first visit to Manchester, this "Executive" 737-300 is due to depart again on a football team charter later this afternoon.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

MAN 31st July 2012 - Gabon Government 777 at night.

The Gabon Government 777-200 TR-KPR is currently parked up for the duration of the Olympics, having got very poor shots when it arrived on a dull morning it was nice to get some night shots.

MAN 31st July 2012 - Carpatair and Europe Air Post visit.

Making a welcome visit on a charter, Fokker 100 YR-FKA arrived and departed on a rainy evening.

Europe Air Post 737-300 F-GZTB was also visiting, operating a Lourdes Charter.