Wednesday, 21 August 2013

MAN 21st August 2013 - DHL A300F D-AEAD arrives for painting.

DHL A300-600F D-AEAD arrived early morning on its first visit, it was wearing basic JAL colours and will be painted in to the DHL full yellow scheme by Air Livery.


  1. Hello Nik - great pic this one. Just had a day at Rennaissance Hotel at Heathrow - loads of decent planes!! 4 different 787's!
    Planning a trip to Manchester on 3rd Sept - just wondered if u had a heads up on anything out of the ordinary on the day - if so, what time.

  2. Thank you Matthew,
    Sorry to say I have no idea of anything out of the ordinary on September 3rd, way too far away yet to hear of anything I am afraid.

  3. Would you mind telling me if you get any intel in the future-thanks

  4. Hi Matthew,
    Got to be honest, I am very unlikely to remember by then!!
    Best thing to do is to join one of the local E-mail groups where that sort of information is posted!

  5. If I contact you on the comment list for this pic on the 2nd would you be able to tell me then

  6. By all means, contact me via the comments, if I know anything I will let you know but I don't always know everything that is due.