Tuesday, 3 September 2013

MAN 2nd September 2013 - T2 Aviation 727 G-OSRA arrives for painting.

The first Boeing 727 to visit Manchester for over six and a half years!!
T2 Aviation's G-OSRA arrived early evening for painting by Air Livery, once in service the aircraft is to be based at Doncaster for Oil Spill Response work.

For nostalgia ..... one of the rarer 727's to visit MAN in the past was this example, TAME of Ecuador HC-BZS which passed through on delivery on the 20th February 1999 after leaving the fleet of Istanbul Airlines.


  1. hello there,
    beautiful picture you got there i waited for it at 11:45 but nothing came up :( so do you know when they will put the airplane in the hanger or not because i still could get a picture from the car park ?
    and do you know when it will be finished getting painted ?
    thank you
    best regards

  2. Hello ... thanks!
    I am afraid it is already inside the paint hangar.
    I have no info of when it is due out or when it will depart, sorry.

  3. Out on about the 12th I heard.