Sunday, 4 January 2015

MAN 4th January 2015 - Swiss "Star Alliance" A320 HB-IJM

Making its first visit to MAN since being repainted only two days ago, Swiss A320 HB-IJM is their first "mainline" narrow body aircraft to wear the Star Alliance colours.


  1. Hello, Just informing you that the Qatar Airways A350 A7-ALA will be doing a flyover of the Airbus Factory in Chester on Monday 12th January. The plane will leave LHR at 10:30 and come back at 12:00 so it will be any time between then. Hope this helps

  2. Thanks Matthew, yes ... I had read about that a few days ago, I won't be going up for it though as they will be very common soon enough.

  3. You never know, always good to check QTR23/4 every now and then :)