Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Birmingham 24th February 2014 - Flying the Biman Bangladesh DC10 S2-ACR

Having never flown on a DC10 before I couldn't pass up the chance to fly on the world's last operational passenger carrying example, Biman Bangladesh Airlines DC10-30 S2-ACR. The aircraft arrived at Birmingham a few days ago to carry out the final ever fare paying DC10 passenger flights, a total of nine "1 hour scenic flights" full of enthusiasts from all over the world.
Time was allowed for full photography access both inside and outside the aircraft in the air and while on the ramp at Birmingham and the following photos are the result of my trip, the first flight on the last ever day of operation.

A distant night shot of S2-ACR parked up early morning before the flight.

The Check-In desks were suitably marked in honour of the day!

Time was allowed to photograph the aircraft from all angles before the flight.....

The aircraft still has it's classic 1980's style interior!

Our "in-flight refreshments" !!

We were airborne off runway 15 at 09.10........
Sadly all the window panes were very scratched or dirty making decent wing shots difficult.

Touchdown on a rather wet Runway 15 was at 10.10, exactly one hour after lift off.

Finally the sun appeared and the penultimate flight (the 12.00 departure) departed in great light.

A few of my "goodies" to remember the fantastic day ..........


  1. Awesome pictures, so sad to see this old bird go, I wasn't able to go on the tour flights but I was lucky enough to photo the aircraft as it flew over my house on its way back to BHX

  2. Fantastic, I really enjoyed my flight although sadly the best light was the flight I was on at dinner time so my exterior shots arent so great.

    Sam Randles

  3. Great flight and great to meet you Nick...

  4. It was a great day, a great flight, keep up the good work H