Sunday, 2 February 2014

MAN 2nd February 2014 - Delta "Skyteam" 767 N175DZ

I finally managed to catch the Delta "Skyteam" B767-300 N175DZ this morning when it arrived on the Atlanta flight at sunrise.


  1. Nice pik, I am heading to MAN this afternoon and will be there from about 12 onwards, what times does the Delta depart and is ther anything else decent happening

  2. You can easily check for yourself when the Delta departs ... look at the Manchester Airport Website arrivals / departures page!!
    Scheduled time is 10.05 and it departed today at 10.51 so it has long gone ....

    I don't know of anything else that is of interest ... sorry.

  3. Nik, LH A340-600 D-AIHB is at MAN possibly for painting, any idea when it will depart?

  4. Yes, it is here for painting but, as I have said before, I have no up front knowledge of when anything comes and goes from Air Livery!