Monday, 16 December 2013

MAN 12th December 2013 - Lufthansa A340 D-AIGM.

Having emerged from Air Livery earlier in the evening, Lufthansa A340-300 D-AIGM departed for Frankfurt but turned back to MAN with a technical issue, the aircraft remained parked up over night and departed again the next day.


  1. Great pic, will LH be landing more aircraft for painting in the future

  2. Yes, I am sure they will as they have a long term contract with Air Livery.
    No idea what or when though.

    1. The biggest thing ive seen so far is a 747-400 any idea if they will repaint their 747-8I's at Air Livery

  3. Possibly in the long term future but as they have only been with the airline since 2012 they will not need a repaint for at least another six years or so!