Thursday, 19 December 2013

MAN 19th December 2013 - Cathay Pacific Cargo B.747-800F B-LJA

Cathay Pacific Cargo became the first operator to bring a B747-800 to Manchester today when B-LJA was used on their regular service, this aircraft wears the special "Hong Kong Trader" colours.


  1. Great pics, what time does CP normally land at MAN and was this just a one off landing or is this type going to be used on the service

  2. There are two per week, not sure of timings at the moment but one is daylight and the other is in the dark during winter,
    The B747-800 should be doing all the flights from now on.

  3. That is great news, i hope i see a 748 on monday, by the way, what is the flight number so i can go on FR24 and check what A/C is flying the route

  4. CX037 on a Monday and CX067 on a Wednesday.

    1. I probably wont see it arrive on the monday (as it arrives at 8:35) but i am quite looking forward to see it departing at 10 am (hopefully on 23L)

  5. do this aircraft comes in twice a week once on a monday and once on a wednesday, what is the ETA and departure for both days please

  6. Only details I have are already mentioned above ... i don't know the timings.