Friday, 6 December 2013

MAN 4th December 2013 - G-TCDC and G-FCLF

Thomas Cook's brand new A321 G-TCDC was re-positioned to their hangar during the night allowing a shot of the port side,

while Royal Flight 757-200 G-FCLF was still parked up awaiting delivery.


  1. Great pics nik, anything due for saturday the 14th or Sunday the 15th?

  2. Sorry ... no idea ... I only know about most things the day they happen!
    Try joining one of the E-mail Lists where such info is posted.

  3. Nice pics Nik, I have seen the Royal flight 757 but am yet to see the TCX A321SL, any idea if this aircraft will be coming to MAN and/or when will their next a/c be delivered

  4. I am sure it will return eventually ... no idea when though....
    Don't know when the next one is due, sorry.