Saturday, 18 September 2021

MAN 18th September 2021 - Aer Lingus UK A330 G-EILA

 Making its first visit to Manchester and being the first of the new Aer Lingus UK aircraft to arrive at the new hub, A330-300 G-EILA touches down on 23 Right mid morning after the short hop from Dublin.

MAN 16th September 2021 - Brussels "Red Devils" A320 OO-SNA

 Now wearing a slightly revised "Red Devils" livery, Brussels Airlines A320 OO-SNA is seen here about to arrive on 23 Right on the morning Brussels service.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

MAN 14th September 2021 - German Airways Emb.190 D-AZFA

 Making its first visit to Manchester early afternoon, German Airways Embraer E190 D-AZFA was arriving on 05 Left with RB Leipzig for their Champion's League match against Man City tomorrow evening.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

MAN 7th September 2021 - Vueling A321 EC-NLV

 Making its first visit (as such) to Manchester on the evening Barcelona service, Vueling A321 EC-NLV now wears this hybrid Vueling / Level scheme after its lease to the fellow IAG group carrier.

Sunday, 29 August 2021

MAN 28th August 2021 - Malta Air B737-MAX8 9H-VUF

 Finally the waiting paid off, a lovely sunny morning greeted a Malta Air B737-MAX8 at Manchester for the first time since they started operating the Saturday Bergamo flight four weeks ago.

9H-VUF seen here about to land on 05 Left

Friday, 27 August 2021

MAN 22nd August 2021 - Air Baltic's "Lithuanian" A220-300 YL-CSK

 Making its Manchester debut on their twice weekly Riga service, Air Baltic A220-300 YL-CSK wears this great looking special scheme in the colours of the Lithuanian flag.

MAN 22nd August 2021 - Turkish "Turkey" A330-200 TC-JNB

 Making its first visit to Manchester since acquiring this special scheme promoting the Turkish Olympics & Paralympics teams, A330-200 TC-JNB is seen here arriving on 23R on a very dull morning. The aircraft wears differing schemes on both sides.

MAN 21st August 2021 - Vueling A320 EC-MYB

 Making its first visit back to MAN since rejoining the Vueling fleet, A320 EC-MYB wears this interesting hybrid scheme following its time with fellow IAG airline Level.

Sadly the weather was pretty awful for its arrival early afternoon.

Saturday, 21 August 2021

MAN 20th August 2021 - Icelandair B737-MAX9 TF-ICA

 Making the debut visit of a B737-MAX9 to Manchester, Icelandair's TF-ICA is seen here about to land on 23 Right on their first service back here since the start of the Covid pandemic began.

Monday, 16 August 2021

Heathrow Visit - 2nd & 3rd August 2021

 A two day visit down south saw us spend plenty of time at Heathrow along with side visits to Farnborough and Oxford. The following passed by the camera lens along with a lot of the run of the mill traffic ....

We set off early morning on the 2nd in order to catch the Brunei Government B767-200 V8-MHB arriving just after 06.00,

We also managed the weekly Vistara B787-9 in some early sun,

China Eastern sent in A330-200 B-5902 in their special "Greenland Group" scheme

with Air Canada's B787-9 C-FVLQ in the special "Olympics" scheme.

Etihad B787-9 A6-BND wears the great looking Manchester City colours.

Sky Express have recently started serving LHR with their A320 NEOs,
SX-NIG operating this afternoon.

The morning of the 3rd saw overcast skies sadly although SAS A330 LN-RKU was a nice treat.

Iberia used A330-200 EC-MJA in their special "Madrid" scheme.

LOT with their B737-MAX8 SP-LVD in the special Polish Independence livery 

and Brussels Airlines A320 OO-SND in the superb "Smurfs" colours!

A great couple of days away with another 52 new numbers in the log book along with a few new subjects caught by the camera.
My thanks to Gary and Ashley for their great company along the way.

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

MAN 18th July 2021 - HiFly A330-900 CS-TKY and SAS CRJ900 ES-ACK

 A couple of movements worthy of photographing on a lovely sunny evening, HiFly A330-900 Neo CS-TKY was arriving from Birmingham to operate the PIA Pakistan International service to Lahore ....

whilst Xfly CRJ900 ES-ACK was operating the evening SAS Stockholm service albeit sadly running around 45 minutes later than scheduled meaning the sun had weakened a little. The CRJ is one of a few now sporting the new SAS colour scheme.

Thursday, 15 July 2021

Chester / Hawarden 14th June 2021 - Airbus Beluga XL F-GXLI

 A nice sunny morning and an en-route A330-700 Beluga XL tempted us over to Chester / Hawarden for the first time in a few years. I had been waiting for the chance since the XL version entered service quite some time ago!

F-GXLI seen here about to land on runway 04 late morning.

MAN 7th July 2021 - Air Baltic A220-300 YL-CSL

 Making its second visit on the airline's new Riga service, A220-300 YL-CSL wears this great "Latvian Flag" scheme, seen here taxiing past the Viewing Park after landing on 23R

6th July 2021 - St Athan, Cardiff, Kemble & Brize Norton day trip.

 A run out to catch the two Air Mauritius A319s that had recently arrived at Kemble saw us visiting a few extra airfields along the way.

We left home just after 4am and made our way straight to St Athan to catch up with a few airliner frames before the axe man had his way with them. Twenty seven numbers were logged including a few inmates at the museum which I hadn't previously visited. Nothing was worth photographing due to positions or schemes, a lot of the stored airliners were lacking any colours!

We then moved on for a quick stop at Cardiff however on hearing that there was an Air Zena (Georgia) CRJ200 due in with a football team we decided to hang around for the arrival to grab some shots. 4L-TGB duly arrived just after 11am.

We headed on to Kemble, arriving there just after 1pm and managed some fairly decent shots of the Mauritian 319s 3B-NBF and 3B-NBH. 

Kemble added only nine numbers this time around but the above certainly made the visit worthwhile!

We headed home via a quick stop at Brize Norton where another nine military transports bolstered the numbers in the book making a total of forty seven for the day, not a bad haul!

London Trip - June 2021

 June 8th to the 11th - London Trip

As we had a few days off together, Ash and I decided on a trip down south as there were a few movements at Heathrow we still had to catch up on.

June 8th

We headed down in the early hours and spent the full day at Heathrow catching the following arrivals on 27 Left.

Great to catch the Rwandair A330-200 9XR-WN to go with the A330-300 we caught last year.

Our first time catching an Aegean A321 Neo with SX-NAB

With little else of interest due for the rest of the afternoon we headed off for some food and early night, eighteen new numbers added to the log book.

June 9th 

Up early and a few shots grabbed from the north side of the approach before the sun moved around ...

Air India's B787-8 VT-ANP wearing the special "Mahatma Gandhi" tail

Finally managed to catch Gulf Air's great looking "Retro" B787-9 A9C-FG!

Longtail Aviation B747-400 Freighter VQ-BWT operating a cargo charter.

Etihad B787-10 A6-BMI wears small titles and logos as an "Eco Demonstrator"

A quick run around to the south side of the approach to catch Air China's B777-300 B-2032 in Star Alliance colours.... 

before heading over the Esso Garage to catch Air India B787-8 VT-ANP ....

...... and Gulf Air B787-9 A9C-FG departing.

Aeroflot's latest A350-900 VQ-BFZ arriving in the sunshine, nice to catch after all my dull shots of sister ship VQ-BFY at MAN!

US Air Force C17 00-0175 arriving in connection with the visit of the US President the following weekend.

Only thirteen more numbers logged at Heathrow for the day but at least we managed to catch a few required photos.

June 10th

Sadly this morning was very dull and murky, Air China's Star Alliance A350-900 B-308M looking rather awful with the lack of sun!

The only bright patch this morning coincided with the arrival of Blue Air's B737-MAX8 YR-MXA

TAP's great looking Retro Jet CS-TJR looking rather grey against the dull sky too

As there was so little else of interest for the day we decided on a run down to Bournemouth in the hope of obtaining a shot of one of the European Cargo A340-600s and a few extra numbers for the log book. The journey down only taking an hour and being well worth the effort despite the grey skies. Two A340-600s snapped in the shape of 9H-PPE and G-ECLB and sixteen numbers noted,

Back to Heathrow via a quick stop at Farnborough where we logged another fifteen Biz Jets.
LHR added another seventeen numbers today which included a few decent gap fillers.

June 11th

Another very dull and drab morning but we had to make an early get up to catch our first Vistara B787-9 when VT-TSD arrived,

along with United Airlines' first B767-300 (N674UA) to wear their latest colours

Once again, we had a very long spell with little of interest so we decided to run over to the Brooklands Museum, somewhere I had wanted to visit for many years. Luckily the sun made an appearance while I was walking around allowing better shots of the exhibits.

G-BBDG, my second to last Concorde frame, this leaves me needing only G-BSST which is on display at the Yeovilton Museum!

Back to Heathrow for a couple of hours to await the arrival of the afternoon's star visitor ...

AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines' B757-200 4K-AZ11, a rather rare aircraft to see in the UK these days, arriving on 27 Left just after 15.30.

We departed Heathrow just after the AZAL arrival and made it back home just after 7pm. 
A very enjoyable four days with plenty of variety and a good volume of new numbers.