Tuesday, 30 June 2020

MAN 25th June 2020 - China Southern B777-300 B-20C5

Having had so many oddball movements at other airports around the country lately, Manchester finally got to receive an unusual flight from China today when China Southern operated from and to Guangzhou, this being the first of their passenger aircraft to visit us.
The aircraft landed on 05 Left just after midday ......

And departed back home again just after 16.30 .....
More Please!!

A nice bonus whilst at the RVP awaiting the departure of the China Southern was G-LMRB, one of Loganair's new ATR42's taxiing for take off.

East Midlands - 23rd June 2020

Another sunny day and a few more for me to catch at East Midlands today, an early start was made as Silk Way (Azerbaijan) B747-400 Freighter VP-BCR was due just after midday, this was a nice one to finally see as it wears a non-standard scheme.

Also arriving around the same time was DHL B757-200 Freighter G-DHKS, nice to finally get a decent shot of one of these with winglets!

A rather long wait until the next movements of interest as nothing else was due until the evening freighter rush .... it was a good job it was hot and sunny!

Amerijet B767-300F N396CM arrived just after 7pm

Another nice catch ticked off my list with DHL A330 D-ALEJ arriving at 7.30pm!

This evening saw ASL Airlines use B757-200F OE-LFB on the Liege service instead of the normal B737-300F, a nice treat!

I left for home around 9pm, happy with some nice pics and 9 new numbers in the log book.

Monday, 8 June 2020

Doncaster 6th June 2020 - Sunday Airlines B767-300 UP-B6703

An afternoon run over to Doncaster for Sunday Airlines (Kazakhstan) B767-300 UP-B6703, a rather rare machine in Europe!
Arrival on runway 02 sadly dodged the sun as it was side on .....

The biggest stitch up was the fact that it was around ninety minutes late departing and having been on the ground for three and a half hours, most of which was in sunshine, the aircraft pushed back and departed just minutes after the sun had gone in for good!!

Doncaster 2nd June 2020 - Nordwind B777-300 VP-BJP

Another visit to Doncaster for yet another Russian B777-300, 
I arrived in time to catch the Astral Airlines B747-400 Freighter TF-AMM arriving on runway 02

Royal Air Force C17 ZZ176 was carrying out some approaches during my stay.

After a delay the Nordwind B777-300 VP-BJP finally arrived around 2pm, sadly this is the worst time of the day for the light as it is directly down the runway! So typical!

Doncaster 30th May 2020 - Royal Flight B777-300 VQ-BGL

Another run over to Doncaster early morning to catch yet another "PPE Flight", this time it was Russian airline Royal Flight with B777-300 VQ-BGL arriving on runway 20 shortly after sunrise.

After a couple of hours the aircraft taxied out and departed on runway 02

A bonus catch of the regular Magma Airlines B747-400 Freighter TF-AMM arriving and departing during my stay along with the fairly bland looking Air Atlanta B747-400 TF-AAL

Doncaster 29th May 2020 - Kam Air B767-300 UR-CSX

Having been let down by the sun on my attempt a few days previously I made another visit to Doncaster today for the Kam Air coloured B767-300 UR-CSX, this time I was in luck as the aircraft taxied out for departure off runway 02 in the late afternoon with blue skies and sunshine!