Sunday, 12 April 2020

"2019 Trips" page update

11th & 12th December 2019 
Lisbon visit.

A Ryanair "cheapy" return visit to Lisbon to catch up on the new additions to TAP's fleet,

I have added the photos to my 2019 Trips page
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"2019 Trips" page update

7th to the 22nd September 2019

US West Coast Holiday

Having visited Florida and the Eastern US many times before we finally decided to head out West and booked a multi city holiday visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tucson, Phoenix and Las Vegas!
It was a "family holiday" but of course with so many new airports and aircraft storage areas along the route a little bit of spotting came in to it!!

I have added a full report and many photos to my 2019 Trips page,
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