Tuesday, 27 December 2011

MAN 27th December 2011 - Privatair 757 HB-IEE & Austrian / Brussels Dash8-400 OE-LGC

A trio of movements worth photographing this morning,

Brussels Airlines used the (leased from Austrian) Dash8-400 OE-LGC for the first time,

Thomson / Starquest Expeditions 757-200 G-OOBF departed,

whilst "star of the day" Privatair 757-200 HB-IEE arrived in fairly good light......

....... and departed in superb light !!

And finally.... after threatening to make an appearance for the last five days, P180 Avanti N133PA finally routed through on its ferry flight from the USA.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

MAN 24th December 2011 - TMA Cargo A300F OD-TMA departs.

Departing off 23 Left, luckily just over an hour late. allowing a little more time for a bit of light !!

MAN 23rd December 2011 - TMA A300F OD-TMA & Austrian A321 OE-LBF

The TMA Cargo A300F night stopped, parked up in the rain before departing the next morning.........

................Whilst also overnighting on the wet ramp was Austrian Airlines A321 OE-LBF after suffering a technical issue.

Friday, 23 December 2011

MAN 23rd December 2011 - TMA Cargo A300F OD-TMA & Kingdom H125 HZ-WBT5

TMA Cargo A300F OD-TMA made its first visit to Manchester early on a very dark and wet morning, it is due to nightstop and depart at 08.00 on Saturday 24th.......

..........whilst Kingdom H125, HZ-WBT5 departed off the Ocean Sky ramp in the pouring rain.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

MAN 18th December 2011 - Air Algerie 767-300 7T-VJI.

Just after sunrise this morning MAN saw its first Air Algerie 767-300
when 7T-VJI arrived for painting at Air Livery.

MAN 17th December 2011 - Danube Wings ATR and Brussels Airlines A330-200.

Late evening saw the Danube Wings ATR72 OM-VRB parked up
after bringing in Rugby club SU Agen to play Sale Sharks ..............

..........and the latest aircraft to emerge from Air Livery,
ex Swiss A330 HB-IQC now in full Brussels Airlines colours.

Thomson's newest 737-800 G-FDZY also made its first visit.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

MAN 17th December 2011 - TC-JYB, the first Turkish B737-900 to visit..... eventually !!

After being diverted to Birmingham due to a free roaming dog on the airfield, this Turkish B737-900 eventually made it up to MAN mid afternoon but as normal, the weather here was fairly grim !!

MAN 16th December 2011 - A330 G-OJMB arrives back from maintenance in full, new Air Transat colours.

Thomas Cook A330-200 G-OJMB arrived back from maintenance in Abu Dhabi very late evening, now wearing the new Air Transat colours, it will be delivered onwards as C-GTSI.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

MAN 6th December 2011 - Kalitta 747-200F N703CK arrives.

Arriving just after a heavy downpour, this "classic" 747-200F,
N703CK of Kalitta operating a freight charter from the Middle East. 

MAN 6th December 2011 - Qatar Emiri Air Force C17 "MAA" arrives early morning.

Seen just after pulling on to stand on a cold and wet morning,
Qatar Emiri Air Force C17 "MAA".

MAN 5th December 2011 - Rizon Jet A319CJ VQ-BVQ and Etihad A330 A6-EYE "Man City" by night.

Late evening saw Rizon Jet A319CJ VQ-BVQ parked up after attention by Air Livery.

Also, departing late evening was the great looking "Man City" A330 A6-EYE.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

MAN 4th December 2011 - Turkish Government Gulfstream TC-ATA passes through.

A very nice movement on a very dull and wet morning,
Turkish Government Gulf 4 TC-ATA passed through on a fuel stop en-route to Canada.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

MAN 30th November 2011 - Norwegian "UNICEF" 737-300 LN-KKW and Dniproavia 737-500 UR-DNH

A lovely sunny morning saw Norwegian use their UNICEF special 737-300 LN-KKW on their Oslo service.

Swiss used their Star Alliance coloured RJ100 HB-IYU..........

And "star of the day"..... Dniproavia 737-500 UR-DNH arrived with Dynamo Kiev football fans for the Stoke City match tomorrow night.... unfortunately a little too late for the sunshine though....

MAN 29th November 2011 - Aerosvit 737-500W UR-AAK, Air France A321 F-GTAZ and Easyjet A320 G-EZUI

This Aerosvit 737-500 (Winglets), UR-AAK arrived early evening with the Dynamo Kiev team to play Stoke City FC in the Europa League match.

Air France used brand new A321 F-GTAZ this evening for the first time at MAN

And finally....Easyjet A320 G-EZUI in the "reverse colours" positioned in from Luton late evening to be based.

Monday, 28 November 2011

MAN 28th November 2011 - Norwegian 737-800 LN-DYU with "Internet" titles" and Jet2 Scotland 737-300 G-CELU

Making it's first visit on a very dull and grey morning, this new 737-800 wears extra titles advertising their onboard Wireless Internet service.

And one that I have been after for a while now.....
Jet2's "Scotland" 737-300 G-CELU parked up during the night.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

MAN 26th November 2011 - G-OOBE wearing "Starquest Expeditions" titles and G-MONS in the Monarch "Billboard" scheme.

Late evening Thomson 757-200 G-OOBE was parked up, now wearing the Starquest Expeditions titles and logos, same as G-OOBF a few days earlier......

......And Monarch A300 G-MONS wearing the new Billboard style titles and logos.