Friday, 30 September 2011

MAN 29th September 2011 (PM)

A late departure by "Eddie" !!
Despite sitting on a sun drenched ramp all day long, Eddie waited until the sun had well and truly gone down before making his departure to LGW...... not very nice of him !!!

B757-200 G-STRX - "Ed Force One" departs MAN just after sunset.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

MAN 29th September 2011 - Hajj Lease aircraft depart.

Mid morning Thomas Cook A330 G-OMYT and Monarch A330 G-EOMA both departed MAN heading for Indonesia, both in their own schemes but wearing Garuda Indonesia titles.

MAN 29th September 2011 - "Eddie 2011" finally makes a visit !!

After a very long wait for him to finally turn up here in 2011,
"Eddie" arrives just after sunrise, operating a Jet2 flight.

B757-200 G-STRX - the "Iron Maiden" "Ed Force One"

And........ just for a historical look, this is the version from back in April 2008,
when it made one of only a couple of visits to MAN.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

MAN 28th September 2011 (PM)

A quick run back up in the afternoon to catch the Portugalia Fokker100 CS-TPD operating the TAP flight, a rare sight in MAN these days after they pulled their own services a few years back !!

And whilst there, Hello A320 HB-JIW once again with more FC Basle supporters going home.

MAN 28th September 2011

Some rare sunshine coupled with some nice visitors , the morning was spent southside ............

 Atlas Air 747-400BCF N458MC arriving just after 08.00, only the second Atlas "BCF" to visit MAN.

Small Planet 737-300 LY-FLE arrived around 09.00, operating for Tor Air.

"Conti-Nited" used the Star Alliance 757-200 N14120, departing here back to Newark.

"Hello" A320 HB-JIW departing back to Basle with the FC Basle team after their draw against ManU.

The Atlas Air 747-400BCF N458MC departing onwards to the USA at 10.40

B737-800 TC-AGP, one of the newer Pegasus a/c making its second to MAN visit this morning.

Small Planet 737-300 LY-FLE departing off 23 Right, operating for Tor Air.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

MAN overnight 26th September 2011

Hello A320 HB-JIW made its first visit, arriving earlier in the day with FC Basle for their Champions League game against Manchester United on the 27th.

The Star Air 767-200F evening freight flight pushes back for departure, tonight operated by OY-SRI

Lufthansa's newest A319, D-AIBG overnights on it's second visit of the day having only been delivered a few days earlier !!

Finally caught a half decent shot of the Iceland Express 757-200 G-STRY (operating for Jet2)

Arriving around dawn was this Thomas Cook Belgium A320 OO-TCI, positioning in to operate a football charter to Munich for Man City vs Bayern.

Monday, 26 September 2011

MAN 23rd September 2011 - Tor Air trio !!

The following three a/c all had something to do with Tor Air today although, ironically the only one wearing Tor Air titles was not operating their own flight !!

I finally caught up with the hybrid Balkan Holidays / Tor Air A320 on the 23rd,
seen on short finals in the late afternoon.
Skywings MD80 SX-BTG arrived shortly after the A320 but sadly just after the sun had gone in !!
This was positioning in from Birmingham to operate for Tor Air.

Small Planet 737-300 LY-FLC departing late night operating for Tor Air.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

MAN 11th to the 18th September 2011

Various unusual aircraft shot over the last week.......
Multiflight 737-300 SX-MTF Ready to depart back to Leeds in the early hours of the 16th September 2011 after dropping off the Stoke City football team.

Skywings A320 SX-BTP parked up after arriving late evening on the 15th September 2011 on it's first visit.

15th September 2011 - The first A330-200 for Brussels Airlines taxies for departure after being painted by Air Livery

14th September 2011 - Blue Panorama 767-300 EI-CZH arrives with Napoli fans for their Champions League game against Manchester City.
14th September 2011 - Dubrovnik Airline MD80 9A-CDE arrives with Napoli fans for their Champions League game against Manchester City.
14th September 2011 - Medallion Air / Trawelfly MD80 YR-HBE arrives with Napoli fans for their Champions League game against Manchester City.

14th September 2011 - Multiflight 737-300 SX-MTF departs on a dull, grey morning, taking Stoke City FC out to Kiev.