2010 Trips

The 12th October 2010 saw us fly out of Manchester to Antalya (Turkey)

Our aim was to catch the last examples of Illyushin IL86's still flying in passenger service.......
There were five still in use at the time, these being RA-86109 (Atlant Soyuz / full colours), RA-86124 (Donavia / old Aeroflot colours), RA-86125 (Atlant Soyuz / all white with titles and logos), RA-86138 (Atlant Soyuz / full colours) and RA-86141 (Donavia / all white with no titles).
We succeeded with seeing all five over the three days we were out there and managed to catch three of them on camera....(the other two moving in the dark).... very pleased with that result !!

The following were some of the highlights of our trip, the weather was mostly sunny with the odd dull spell

First of all..... the reason behind the trip and what Antalya was all about....... the awesome IL86's !!

Atlant Soyuz RA-86125

Atlant Soyuz RA-86109 

Donavia RA-86124

And the best of the rest.........

Antalya 13-10-2010

Antalya 14-10-2010

The 14th was not a great day weather wise so not too many pics were taken.

A bit of a ropey shot as this Medallion Air MD80 was landing on the far runway
but this was the only time it was seen during our visit.

Not the best of shots but the light was fading fast when this AtlasJet A330 in full Saudi Arabian colours landed.

Antalya 15-10-2010

The best day weather & movement wise...........

Very nice surprise to catch this Tu154B2 on approach just before sunset,
the type is now banned in Europe !!

And that was the end of the trip.... three great days shooting some rare schemes and rare types for us... The IL86's were the definite highlights of our visit but so many more were added to the collection.
We left very happy with the shots and another 130 numbers in the log book !!!

More to be added when time allows !!