MAN Movements 2011

A selection of the more interesting movements at "my local" During 2011

Updated 2nd December 2011

6th September 2011 - A very rare Illyushin IL76 visit as RA-76950 touches down early morning, arriving to take an aircraft engine out to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

4th September 2011 - Aer Lingus' lovely looking "Retro Jet" taxies for departure. 

4th September 2011 - The first visit to MAN by the new Monarch Airlines scheme as G-OZBT taxies for departure.

3rd September 2011 - The first A380 to wear a proper "logojet scheme" A6-EDN of Emirates advertising the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
24th August 2011 - Skywork Dash8-400 HB-JIK parked up overnight after bringing FC Thun in to play Stoke City FC.

24th August 2011 - Izair A320 TC-IZA departing off 23 right, operating for Pegasus.

24th August 2011 - Virgin's "Birthday Girl", a rare visitor to Manchester is just about to touch down on 23R

24th August 2011 - Skywork Dash8-400 HB-JIK arrives with FC Thun to play against Stoke City FC.
23rd August 2011 - the nightly Star Air freighter ready for departure.
12th Agust 2011 - First visit of Air Blue A319 AP-EDC
9th August 2011 - Sky Airlines 737-400 TC-SKG arrives at sunset, operating for Thomas Cook.

9th August 2011 - Sky Airlines A320 TC-SKJ arrives at sunset, operating for Thomas Cook.
8th August 2011 - HiFly A310 CS-TEI arrives, operating for Thomas Cook.
1st August 2011 - 1625, One of a pair of Saudi Hercules night stopping.

1st August 2011 - 1626, One of a pair of Saudi Hercules night stopping.

1st August 2011 - RAF Tristar ZD950 after paint stripping at Air Livery.

30th July 2011 - Avion Express LY-VEX ready for departure after operating for Tor Air.

29th July 2011 - Small Planet 737-300 LY-FLE Departing late evening operating for Tor Air.
29th July 2011 - Avion Express A320 LY-VEX positions in on it's first visit to operate for Tor Air.

28th July 2011 - Fly Hellas A320 SX-SMV on short finals in the evening sun.

24th July 2011 - Swiftair MD80 EC-LEY arrives on a student charter.

23rd July 2011 - Adria Airways "Retro Jet" S5-AAT makes it's first visit to Manchester.
23rd July 2011 - Holidays Czech Airlines A320 OK-HCB arrives on it's weekly Palma charter.

22nd July 2011 - RAF Tristar ZD950 arrives for a visit to Air Livery.

14th July 2011 - Aerovis An12 UR-CFB arrives to taken an aircraft engine out on an AOG.

 11th July 2011 - Virgin Atlantic A340 G-VAIR after painting in the new scheme by Air Livery.

7th July 2011 - The stunning Etihad "Blue Moon Rising" Manchester City special A330 A6-EYE makes its first appearance on a promotional visit.

4th July 2011 - Eagles Airlines Fokker 100 I-GIOA makes its first visit on a student charter.

30th June 2011 - This smart looking JDP Beech 1900 F-GVLC arrives on a cargo charter at nightfall.

30th June 2011 - Quikjet India (Farnair Europe) ATR72F HB-AFW operating a charter to Cologne.

29th June 2011 - Farnair Europe ATR72F HB-AFR operating a cargo charter to Cologne.

28th June 2011 - Jetairfly 737-800 OO-JAF operating for Jet2

28th June 2011 - Bulgaria Air / VIP RJ70 LZ-TIM arrives at sunset on a charter.

20th June 2011 - Starair 767-200F OY-SRL arrives in the pouring rain.

15th June 2011 - OY-SRM, the first Starair 767-200F to visit after flights are transferred from EMA.

14th June 2011 - N745CK becomes the first Kalitta Air 747-400F to visit.

3rd June 2011 - This stunning looking Tristar (N388LS) remains parked on the apron for a week.

31st May 2011 - Tristar N388LS of Las Vegas Sands arrives early evening for parking !!
29th May 2011 - Irish Air Corps Augusta '279' departs late evening after a Medevac flight.

20th May 2011 - PIA B747-300 AP-BFU makes a surprise visit in the early evening sun,
the first PIA 747 to visit in the new colour scheme !!

15th May 2011 - Brussels Airlines A330 OO-SFM arrives on a horrible morning for painting at Air Livery.

10th May 2011 - Small Planet 737 LY-FLC parked up after operating for Tor Air.

10th May 2011 - Moroccan Air Force CL415 C-GKCX parked up whilst on its delivery flight.
Will become CNA-TN on arrival in Morocco.

5th May 2011 - A very nice movement on a very dull morning....
Bahrain Air A319 A9C-BAX arrives for maintenance at Thomas Cook.

5th May 2011 - Air Berlin A330 D-ALPA departs just after midnight with football fans.

4th May 2011 - An unusual Biz Jet to visit, Global Express 9M-TAN, here for the Football.
4th May 2011 - D-AHIL The first Germania A319 to visit, on a football charter.

3rd May 2011 - the start of summer has seen Jet2 add extra capacity,
B737-800 G-GDFD and B757-200 G-LSAM,
both wearing Jet2 Holidays titles on an Allegiant Airways type scheme.
2nd May 2011 - Tor Air 737-300 ES-LBD parked up after arriving on its first visit.
29th April 2011 - Icelandair 757 TF-FIC wearing United Nations titles after painting by Air Livery.

22nd May 2011 - Monarch Airlines adds extra titles congratulating "Wills and Kate"
for the upcoming Royal Wedding
21st April 2011 - Icelandair 757 TF-FIC arrives for Air Livery, still wearing Aurela colours.

16th April 2011 - The first Strategic aircraft to visit as A320 LX-STA parks up overnight.

16th April 2011 - Turkish Airlines "Manchester United" logo jet lands on 23 Right.
9th April 2011 - City airline operating a charter service with MD87 SE-DMC.

9th April 2011 - Eastern Airways Emb.135 G-CGMB operating a football charter.
First visit to MAN in the full colours.

8th April 2011 - Air Berlin A330 D-ALPI arriving from Beijing on a charter.

8th April 2011 - ex First Choice A320 arriving from painting at Norwich,
now wearing the brand new Holidays Czech Airlines colours.

5th April 2011 - BBMF (Battle of Britain Memorial Flight) DC3 ZA947 emerges from Air Livery wearing a new scheme.

1st April 2011 - Virgin Atlantic's brand new A330 G-VSXY makes it's first visit to MAN, positioning in from LGW to operate to Orlando the next morning.

31st March 2011 - BMI A330 G-WWBM arrives back from lease to Turkish Airlines,
it went in to Air Livery to be repainted in to Star Alliance colours.

31st March 2011 - Thomas Cook B757-200 G-TCBB emerges from their hangar
wearing a special scheme to promote tourism to Egypt.

29th March 2011 - Aer Lingus' new "Retro Jet" A320 EI-DVM makes its first visit to MAN.

19th March 2011 - Euroatlantic 767-300 CS-TLO arrives back from Tokyo
with rescue workers that were helping out after the earthquakes.

18th March 2011 - Windrose Emb.190 UR-WRF,
taking Dynamo Kiev home after the UEFA match against Man City.

18th March 2011 - Alitalia A320 EI-DTA parked up after painting by Air Livery.

18th March 2011 - Kalitta 747-200F N791CK parked up at night, operating a freight charter.

17th March 2011 - PIA B747-300 AP-BGG departing late evening,
rare to see their 747's at MAN these days.

17th March 2011 - Travel Service / Lat Charter A320 YL-LCC,
parked up while operating a football fans charter for Dynamo Kiev.

16th March 2011 - MNG Airlines (Cargo) A300F TC-MNV,
operating a cargo charter to Istanbul.

16th March 2011 - Windrose Airlines Emb.190 UR-WRF,
parked up after bringing Dynamo Kiev in to play Man City.

16th March 2011 - Neos 737-800 I-NEOU,
departing with Marseilles fans after their match against Man United.

16th March 2011 - Neos 737-800 I-NEOX,
operating a Marseilles fans charter for their match against Man United.

16th March 2011 - Airlinair ATR72 F-GVZG,
parked up whilst operating a charter for the Marseilles vs Man United match.

15th March 2011 - First visit of a Europe Air Post 737-700 with F-GZTD,
here in connection with the Man City vs Marseilles match.

13th March 2011 - A rare visit of a PIA B747-300
as AP-BGG approaches 23 right in the evening sun.

9th March 2011 - Aerovis An.12 UR-CGU parked up after operating a freight charter.

9th March 2011 - Alitalia A320 EI-DSU parked up after painting by Air Livery.

8th March 2011 - ex Thomson Airways B757-200 G-BYAH parked up in basic allegiant colours prior to going on lease to Jet2 for the summer as G-LSAM.

11th February 2011 - First visit for this City Airline MD87, SE-DMC,
operating in place of the usual Emb.145.

5th February 2011 - The first visit to MAN of a DHL (UK) B767-300F
as G-DHLF arrives for a maintenance visit at Monarch Aircraft Engineering.

4th February 2011 - Brussels Airlines A330-300 OO-SFN
parked up after painting in to the new colours by Air Livery.

25th January 2011 - Brussels Airlines A330-300 OO-SFN enters Air Livery
for painting in to the new scheme.

22nd January 2011 - Easyjet A319 G-EZBR in the "100th Airbus" colours,
diverted in from a foggy Liverpool.

21st January 2011 - Prescott Support Hercules N3755P,
parked up for the night after diverting from a foggy Liverpool.

18th January 2011 - Moldavian Airlines Saab 2000 ER-SFA,
arriving for repaint at Air Livery (departed all white on return to lessor)

13th January 2011 - ex Transavia B737-800 G-GDFC arrived for painting at Air Livery,
to be the first B737-800 for Jet2.

11th January 2011 - Army Air Corps "Defender" ZG996,
a very unusual visitor to MAN, dropping off a passenger late evening.

11th January 2011 - The superb shape of the awesome Vickers VC10
as Royal Air Force example XV108 starts up for departure late evening.

11th January 2011 - Alitalia A320 EI-DSB parked up after painting at Air Livery.

5th January 2011 - Farnair Hangary Beech.1900 HA-FAM,
parked up after operating a freight charter.

2nd January 2011 - Air Blue's new A320 AP-EDA makes its first visit,
also the first of the fleet to visit here in the new colour scheme.