Hybrid / Special Paint Schemes

A selection of the "Hybrid" & "Special" schemes I have photographed over the years, I have many more to add as and when time allows so keep checking back for additions !!

Updated 1st December 2011

Norwegian 737-300 LN-KKW wearing the special "unicef" scheme
MAN 30th October 2011

Swiss RJ100 Wearing the "Star Alliance" colours
Manchester 30th November 2011
Jet2's "Scotland" 737-300 G-CELU
MAN 27th November 2011

Ok, not strictly a "special" but this brand new scheme for Air Transat almost passes for one with the special titling..... arrived at MAN fresh from painting in Abu Dhabi 12th November 2011

Air France "Skyteam" A320 F-GFKS departing MAN 12th November 2011

Lufthansa's "100 Years Air Cargo" MD11F D-ALCC departing MAN 4th November 2011

The superb looking Etihad "Blue Moon Rising" A330-200 A6-EYE
MAN 31st October 2011

Still looking good after a few years.... Flybe's "Low Cost, but not at Any Cost" Dash8-400 G-JEDP
MAN 31st October 2011

Air Astana's pair of 767-300's in the "20 Years of Kazakhstan Independence" special scheme
Amsterdam 16th and 17th October 2011

China Airlines' B747-400 B-18208 wearing 50th Anniversary logos
Amsterdam 16th October 2011

Transavia B737-800 PH-HSC wearing "it makes you happy" titles
Amsterdam 16th October 2011

KLM's B777-300 PH-BVD wearing the "Skyteam" colours
Amsterdam 16th October 2011

XL Airways Germany / Sunweb 737-800 D-AXLE (summer hybrid scheme) -
Amsterdam 17th October 2011 

The superb looking Martinair "Retro" colours 767-300 PH-MCL, seen just one week before they ceased flying passenger services after 53 years - Amsterdam 17th October 2011

The KLM "Retro" coloured 737-800 PH-BXA
Amsterdam 17th October 2011

Adria CRJ200 S5-AAF wears this special scheme to promote the "Mini" car
Amsterdam 18th October 2011

Korean Air B747-400 HL7493 wearing stickers for "Visit Korea 2012"
Amsterdam 18th October 2011

KLM B777-200 PH-BQP wearing the "Delft" special scheme,
the a/c has hundreds of Delft Tiles painted on with peoples faces.
Amsterdam 18th October 2011

The superb Easyjet "Reverse" colours for their 200th Airbus aircraft to be delivered,
seen on it's first visit to Manchester 4th October 2011

The biggest flying billboard.... Emirates A380 A6-EDN advertising the Rugby World Cup 2011
Manchester 30-09-2011

Ryanair 737-800 EI-EFP with the slogan, "saysYes to Europe" - Manchester 30-09-2011

Monarch Airline's current "one off" new scheme with billboard titles - Manchester 30-09-2011

"Ed Force One" - The Iron Maiden 757 G-STRX - Manchester 29-09-2011

"Ed Force One" - The Iron Maiden 757 G-STRX - Manchester 29-09-2011

BMI's A320 G-MIDS in the billboard "Star Alliance" colours
Manchester 29-09-2011

Monarch / Garuda hybrid A330 G-EOMA departing for Indonesia
Manchester 29-09-2011

Thomas Cook / Garuda hybrid A330 G-OMYT departing for Indonesia
 Manchester 29-09-2011

United's "Star Alliance" 757 N14120 - Manchester 28-09-2011

Hybrid Balkan Holidays / Tor Air A320 - Manchester 23-09-2011

Hybrid Schemed Medallion Air (Romania) / Trawelfly (Italy) MD80 YR-HBE - Manchester 14-09-2011

Comic Relief (UK) "Red Nose Day", worn by a few of the British Airways aircraft.
Manchester 14-09-2011

"20 Years" Volga Dnepr IL76 RA-76950 - Manchester 06-09-2011

TC-JGY Turkish Airline's "Barcelona FC" logo jet - Manchester 04-09-2011

Emirates A6-EDN - The first true A380 Logo Jet - Rugby World Cup 2011 colours
Manchester 03-09-2011

Virgin Atlantic's G-VFAB "Birthday Girl" painted for their 21st Anniversary in 2005
- Manchester 24-08-2011

The beautiful Aer Lingus "Retro Jet" EI-DVM - Manchester 09-08-2011

HiFly A310 CS-TEI wearing Oman Air colours with "Pacific Flyer" titles still visible.
Manchester 08-08-2011

The lovely looking Adria Airways "Retro Jet" S5-AAT - Manchester 23-07-2011

The Stunning Etihad "Manchester City Football Club" A330 A6-EYE
Pushing back at sunset - Manchester 07-07-2011

The Stunning Etihad "Manchester City Football Club" A330 A6-EYE
Just landed on it's first flight in the new colours- Manchester 07-07-2011

JA732J Japan Airlines (JAL) 777-300 wearing the "Oneworld" scheme - Frankfurt 26-06-2011

XL Airways Germany / Miami Air hybrid scheme 737-800 D-AXLJ - Frankfurt 26-06-2011

Lufthansa's 747-400 D-ABVH wearing the special "50 Years of flying Boeing aircraft" stickers
Frankfurt 26-06-2011
Air Canada 767-300 C-FMWY in the Star Alliance colours - Frankfurt 26-06-2011

Thai Cargo / Southern Air 777-200F, not strictly a "special" although these two freighters wear a different scheme to the usual Thai Airways colours - Frankfurt 25-06-2011
Istanbul Airlines superb aqua coloured "Impressions of Istanbul" 737-800 TC-SUZ
Frankfurt 25-06-2011

The stunning Etihad Airways "Visit Abu Dhabi 2011" special A330 A6-AFA - Frankfurt 25-06-2011
TuiFly 737-800 D-ATUE wears a great looking special for Deutsche Bahn / ICE trains
Frankfurt 25-06-2011

Aegean Airlines A320 SX-DVQ in the Star Alliance colours - Frankfurt 25-06-2011

Egyptair A330 SU-GCK wearing the Star Alliance colours - Frankfurt 25-06-2011

TuiFly 737-800 D-AHLK wearing the Kreuzfahrten colours (of the old Hapag Lloyd)
Frankfurt 25-06-2011

TuiFly 737-800 D-AHFM wearing the superb "Haribo" (blue) colours - Frankfurt 24-06-2011

"Ski Austrian" - Fokker 100 OE-LVM - Frankfurt 24-06-2011

Lot (Polish Airlines) Embraer 170 SP-LDC wearing a special scheme for Krakow Airport
Frankfurt 24-06-2011

Vueling A320 EC-KDG with the "David Guetta, Fly Me, I'm Famous" logos - Amsterdam 08-06-2011
China Southern A330-200 B-6528 wearing the "Skyteam" colours - Amsterdam 08-06-2011

KLM 737-900 PH-BXO wearing the "Skyteam" colours - Amsterdam 08-06-2011

United Airlines 767-300 N653UA wearing the "Star Alliance" colours - Amsterdam 08-06-2011

Turkish Airlines A321 TC-JRB wearing the "Star Alliance" colours - Amsterdam 08-06-2011

SAS Scandinavian Airlines 737-800 LN-RRL wearing the "Star Alliance" colours -
Amsterdam 08-06-2011

Jet2 737-800 G-GDFD wearing a hybrid Jet2 / Allegiant scheme - Manchester 02-05-2011

Jet2 757-200 G-LSAM weatring a hybrid Jet2 / Allegiant scheme - Manchester 27-04-2011

Icelandair 757-200 TF-FIC after painting in to UN / United Nations colours - Manchester 29-04-2011

Unusual for a Biz Jet to wear what could be classed as a "special scheme" this GreenBird Cessna Citation 510 Mustang certainly fits the bill though - Manchester 28-04-2011

Monarch Airlines A321 G-OZBU wearing "Congratulations Will and Kate / Just Married" titles
for the Royal Wedding 2011 - Manchester 28-04-2011
Monarch Airlines A320 G-OZBB wearing "Congratulations Will and Kate" titles
for the Royal Wedding 2011 - Manchester 22-04-2011

Turkish Airlines 737-800 TC-JFH wearing "Star Alliance" colours - Manchester 23-04-2011

Air France A320 F-GFKS wearing the "Skyteam" colours on its first visit as such - Manchester 19-04-2011
The stunning Air France "Retro Jet" - Manchester 08-04-2011

Turkish Airlines' Manchester United Football Club special on 737-800 TC-JFV - Manchester 16-04-2011

 Thomas Cook 757-200 G-TCBC, one of two a/c to wear a special colours scheme to promote
"Egypt 2011" tourism - Manchester 31-03-2011

Windrose Airlines Embraer E190 UR-WRF wearing the mural scheme, visiting with the Dynamo Kiev football team for a match against Manchester City - Manchester 16-03-2011
 One of the great looking Southwest "Shamu" schemes as worn by 737-700 N713SW 
Ft. Lauderdale 28-02-2011

JetBlue A320 N651JB wearing "Yahoo / BlackBerry" titles - Departing Ft. Lauderdale 27-02-2011
The "domestic" Delta Skyteam 757-200 N659DL - Ft. Lauderdale 27-02-2011

Absa Cargo / Lan Cargo hybrid scheme on 767-300F PR-ACG - Miami 26-02-2011

Florida West 767-300F (JAL Cargo hybrid) N422LA - Miami 26-02-2011

Easyjet's "100th Airbus" scheme on A319 G-EZBR - Manchester 22-01-2011
The stunning Air France "Retro Jet" A320 F-GFKJ looks even better in the dark - Manchester 19-01-2011

The first B717 to be painted in "Star Alliance" colours, Blue1's OH-BLP - Manchester 11-12-2010

British Airways B777's are rare visitors to MAN, departing to LGW after a diversion due to snow and wearing the "Keeping the Flag Flying" slogan on the side - Manchester 02-12-2010

Ok, so not really a "special scheme" but (A7-) MAB is unique in that it is the only C17 to wear a civilian paint scheme - Manchester 10-11-2010

Ok, so not really a "special scheme" but (A7-) MAB is unique in that it is the only C17 to wear a civilian paint scheme - Manchester 10-11-2010

A unique scheme for this Hajj charter operator, Alwafeer Air B747-400 HZ-AWA3 
Manchester 04-11-2010

D-ABON - The "We Love To Fly" 757-300 from Condor
Antalya 13-10-2010

 The Superb looking TUI Fly "Blue Haribo" 737-800 D-AHFM
Antalya 13-10-2010

 TUI Fly's Kruezfahrten Reto coloured 737-800 D-AHLK
Antalya 13-10-2010

LOT Charters 737-400 SP-LLE
Antalya 13-10-2010

TUI's 737-800 D-AHFZ in the German Lottery scheme
Antalya 14-10-2010

Not strictly a "special" but it is a unique tail scheme for this 737-400, UR-UTG.
Antalya 15-10-2010

XL Airways Germany 737-800 D-AXLD
wearing a special 40th Anniversary scheme for ITS the German Tour Operator,
Antalya 15-10-2010